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Application Waiting Period For The Smile Change Lives Orthodontic Program

Our application waiting list is intended to provide families with a general idea of the current waiting period in their area. The waiting period begins only after a complete application has been submitted to SCL and the applicant’s qualifications have been verified.

  • The waiting period listed is the average minimum wait for each metro area. Your individual waiting period could be shorter or longer depending on area demand.
  • The metro areas listed represent the surrounding areas as well, within 100 miles.
  • If you do not see your metro area listed, it is possible that SCL does not have a partner provider in your area. In this case, we still encourage you to apply to the program, and SCL will work to recruit a provider in your area. The waiting period will be at least 18 to 24 months in areas where we do not currently have a provider.
  • To see if there is a provider in your area, please check our Provider Directory.

View the SCL Applicant Waiting Periods

**Please note, in areas where the demand is greatest, it is possible that applicants will have an additional waiting period before they’re able to begin orthodontic treatment.

We want to reassure you that each child who applies to SCL is an invaluable person who will receive equal care and attention throughout the application and treatment processes. Over the years, we have worked hard to refine our application process and have implemented sophisticated technology systems that enable us to track each child’s status in the program. We assure you that your child will not be lost, forgotten, or overlooked at any point during their association with Smiles Change Lives.

At minimum, families can expect to hear from SCL when the following occur:

  • When your application is received
  • When approval or denial for treatment is determined – or if further evaluation is needed (due to poor dental hygiene, dental development, or other potential issues)
  • When a treatment provider is secured and the program fee becomes due
  • When assignment to a treatment provider is secured

The number of families applying for assistance through SCL is growing daily, and we are working hard to place as many children into treatment as possible. We greatly appreciate your patience as we work to move your child through the application process.

Changing Lives… One Smile At A Time...
  • "Our son would have gone without braces if it wasn't for SCL! Thankful for this program and staff that care. We are currently in treatment. It is already making a difference. "

    - Alice W.

    5 star review
  • "Amazing program that has truly changed my life. Once I was accepted it was such an easy process. Thank you so much!! I would recommend any one with low income and bad teeth to go through the process."

    - Alexandria W.

    5 star review
  • "Just had our last appointment. Being a school teacher I didn't make a lot of money. This program allowed me to give my daughter a smile that she shares with everyone. Thanks."

    - Tiffany L.

    5 star review
  • "I just had not one but two daughters finish having their braces on through Smiles Change Lives and we are so happy with the results. Thank you for providing this service!"

    - Daya G.

    5 star review
  • "This is an incredible organization with Orthodontists donating their skills to change children's lives. More people in need should know about this fantastic program"

    - Judith W.

    5 star review
  • "My son has finally been accepted, approved, and assigned an orthodontist. He goes tomorrow for his first appointment to start getting his braces. Thanks SCL, you have made my son very happy."

    - Alan P.

    5 star review
  • "I am so thankful for smiles change lives for helping a struggling mother out. What an amazing program that helps families."

    - Joy S.

    5 star review
  • "I cannot say enough GREAT things about this program! They have given both of my daughters a new outlook on life, & self confidence that I could never teach."

    - Shelly P.

    5 star review

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